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This tumblr is anything worth sharing that I come across online. Mostly news links, I suppose (I admit, I'm a news junkie). It varies.

The science of swarms ›

"The Stalking of Korean Hip Hop Superstar Daniel Lee" ›

But in fact Lee had not lied about his academic record. He actually did graduate from Stanford in three and a half years with two degrees. His GPA had been in the top 15 percent of his undergraduate class. The evidence marshaled against him was false. It was an online witch hunt, and last spring I set out to discover why it happened.

"The QWERTY Effect: How Typing May Shape the Meaning of Words" ›

“As we filter language, hundreds or thousands of words, through our fingers, we seem to be connecting the meanings of the words with the physical way they’re typed on the keyboard.”

"The Forgetting Pill" ›

a possible new treatment that could actually erase (specific) memories, thus removing trauma or breaking addictions…

on the Flynn Effect ›

"The Evolution of Language" ›

"People Say They Won’t Shock Others for Cash, But Do" ›

"7 essential skills you didn't learn in college" ›

1. Statistical Literacy

2. Post-state Diplomacy

3. Remix Culture

4. Applied Cognition

5. Writing for New Forms

6. Waste Studies

7. Domestic Tech